SmartCause™ is a platform of services which contains a variety of branded names inclusive of the following; WeCare™, PowerBooster™, Offrz™, and LiveCause™ (collectively these and all parts of the SmartCause platform called “SmartCause”) are developed and provided by SmartShift Media, LLC (“SmartShift Media”). Our Privacy Policy for SmartCause explains:
●   The information we collect
●   How we use that information.
At any time if you have questions about this policy, please contact us. 1-800-XXX_XXXX

Information We Collect

We use the information we collect from all of our services to provide, maintain, protect and improve them, to develop new ones, and to protect SmartCause and our user’s and their privacy. We use this information to offer you new features and toprovision content that is relevant to our users.

Account Information

The personal information you provide us with your account will never be displayed outside of our mobile application.  We will provide third party partners only with data as to transact business services required and as required to do so legally. For example, your personal information will need to be passed to our credit card gateway for transacting business.

Occasionally, we may have other services and opportunities that make sense for us to connect with you regarding whether you are interested in those.  We commit to always allow you to opt-out of any such services or communications.

Usage Information

In general, usage information will only be used internally within SmartShift Media and third party partners as required to curate and provision offers, features, support the product, secure the product, and make our customer’s experience better.

Some information may be useful to provide externally when describing our services. This information will only be displayed/shown in a large collection of usage and never available at an individual level. This includes device information, location information, or actions taken. If these are provided, we will make significant efforts to ensure this data does not identify any one customer. For example, we may show how many users are in a specific zip code but not a specific address.

Finally, support information is very valuable often to our other customers.  If we find an issue through supporting your usage of SmartCause, we may choose to scrub the personally identifiable information and use that interaction to help other users learn more about the usage of Hoptree.  For example, if you ask a question that is common like “how do I change my name” – we may use your comments or questions and change personally identifiable information. This allows us to build a knowledge base of common questions and answers without sharing any of your personal information.

User-Generated Content

SmartCause will use user generated content to provide information to users within the same network (either donors to a cause or champions for a cause) about the cause.  This information may include:

●  Any text provided by champion or sponsor of a cause.

●  Media (photos, videos, audio) about a cause.

●  Scores, Statistics, and relevant cause-related metrics such as a batting average for a baseball player.

●  Profile information supplied about the champions of a cause.

●  Leaderboard and fundraising details for champions of a cause.

This information will be used to convey the actions of the cause by the people supporting it. SmartCause will be providing this information to all people who support the cause. This information will be used by SmartCause purely to support the fundraising efforts by SmartCause by providing details about the activity or organization doing the fundraising to active donors and participants.

Survey Information

SmartShift Media will use customer data captured from Customer Surveys in an attempt to improve the relevance of offers and services we provide to our customers / users. Oftentimes, this information will be shared with our partners without providing them with any “personally identifiable information” NON-PIN DATA. We provide partners with NON-PIN DATA in order to allow SmartShift Media and its partners to optimize the curation and provision of content, media services to our customers, as well optimizing the services we provide to our cause-based partners.

Parental Rights

Consistent with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), SmartCause ensures several parental rights in our service. If the service is being used by a child under the age of 13, Parents can expect that:

○   SmartCause will not require a child to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in an activity;

○    Parents can be added to each and every account and can review their child’s personal information, delete any information, and request an account to be deactivated at any time to ensure no further collection or use of the child’s information;

○    Parents can be ensured that any information collected about a child under the age of 13 will not be allowed to be used in marketing materials or given to any third party

○    Parents can contact Smart Shift Media at any time and we will remove all content around a child.