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With WeCare, donors receive over $1,000 worth of valuable local and national offers. Refreshed on a monthly basis.

liveCause Social feed

Share real-time photos and news from
your organization 

Keep your donors updated on your organization’s activities - sports scores, key meetings, upcoming events, and more. They’ll stay engaged and will appreciate knowing what the organization they support is doing.

Keep Donors Informed

Show donors how their support is helping your

Donors want to see real-time updates on the fundraisers they support. How close are you to achieving your goal? How many days are left in the campaign, and can they help out even more?

Supports Multiple Causes

support and follow multiple fundraisers

Donors can follow and support as many fundraisers as they want. They'll receive the same benefits for each individual cause supported, and they can follow each organization's LiveCause Social Feed.

Smart Push notifications

 messages remind donors
of new offers and milestones

Keep donors informed when offers are about to expire and when new offers have arrived. They'll also receive t the latest updates on your cause!