team management

livecause feed

mobile deployment

Massively Efficient

real-time UpDates

personalized Appeals

INdividual messaging

Optimizes revenue 

   Boost  Fundraising Results

 mobile tools that make it easy to reach thousands of Donors Within minutes

With PowerBooster, your fundraising team (Champions) has the power of mobile technology at their fingertips. With an array of tools to reach out to thousands of donors, they’ll love the efficiency and effectiveness of modern fundraising technology.

liveCause feed

post MESSAGES & photos to We-Care app

Keep your donors updated on your organization’s activities - sports scores, key meetings, upcoming events, and more. According to recent research, over 70% of donors want to be kept informed.


monitor team progress and performance

Your team members have individual fundraising goals, and you can keep them engaged with a live leaderboard. Add incentives for best performing individuals.

 personalized Messaging

participants can add their own
personal message

In addition to your primary fundraising appeal, each team member can add their own personal touch to your cause. Donors can view personal appeals directly from the people they care about most.

 Thank Donors

thank supporters individually 

Your team members can show appreciation to your donors directly. Team members receive notifications when donors download SmartCause. This provides them with an opportunity to send personalized thank you messages.