PowerBooster Optimizes Fundraising...

So you can reach thousands of donors

instant Mobile deployment

Launching a campaign is quick and easy using mobile tools that you already know–like mobile text, email and social media. 

Highly Personal

 Send a personal message to donors, let them know exactly why they should support your cause.

team leaderboard

See how team member sales stack up against each other. Provide incentives to top performers.

LiveCause Feed Posts

Keep  donors engaged with real-time news, photos and information about your cause.

real-time Analysis

Keep track of your fundraiser's success, plus invite additional donors instantly.

direct messages to Donors

Team members can send personalized thank you messages to individuals for donating.

national reach

SmartCause is engineered to scale your fundraiser to reach fans on a national level.

Optimize Fundraiser revenue

 Smart technology optimizes your fundraising revenue using the power of mobile.

Ready for a Smarter Shift in


SmartShift is ready for you!

We deploy Smarter Technology to make Your fundraising easier and more efficient.

With a single tap on your mobile phone, you can invite hundreds of donors. Plus send personalized messages to thank donors once they give to your cause.

The leaderboard

Create Incentives for Your Team

Your team will enjoy competing with each other to win prizes or incentives. Results posted in real-time.