a Smarter Choice for your cause 

                   Optimizing Donor Funding.

fully automated

Fully automated and engineered to optimize efficiency, ease of use, and maximize earnings.

powerful storytelling

Fundraisers share cause-related narratives to increase donor empathy and compel giving.

increased revenue

Mobile technology enables your team to reach thousands of donors within minutes and earn $15.00 for each donor download.

time savings

The ease, speed and efficiency of our mobile fundraising technology is unrivaled.

real-time analytics

Fundraiser managers will have the ability to view reports and analysis of campaigns in real-time.

offer flexibility

Offers are changed and updated monthly to match donor preferences.

24/7 support

Your fundraiser will receive outstanding support from our in-house customer service experts.

custom appeal

Each fundraiser is customized by adding your photos, logos and personal appeal.

with great Donor offers, we drive

significant funding

to your organization

Fast and Easy campaign Development & Deployment

mobile tools make it simple

SmartShift allows you to tell a personalized and compelling story about your organization. Reach thousands of donors with messages that speak to them with relevance and drive support for your cause. Plus keep them updated throughout the year with LiveCause streaming content.