Smart Fundraising

Reach thousands of donors instantly using  smart mobile

 Automated Fundraising

Keep your promotors efficiently marketing your cause using the PowerBooster App

Huge Donor Value

 Donors receive over $1,000 in offers from local and national retailers


Two powerFul apps that Automate fundraising and increase donor giving.

PowerBooster™ for players and family members, automates fundraising with mobile technology.

WeCare™  for donors—providing over $1000 in retail offers —and LiveCause™ feed to keep donors updated on team news, photos, scores, and more.


 fundraising Automation

- Efficiently build and launch donor invites in minutes
- Reach donors using mobile text, email or social media
- Notifies you of results immediately
- Post news, scores, and photos to LiveCause™
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Donor App

- Thank donors for their gift with valuable retail offers
- Drive donor passion and increase giving
- Increase engagement with streaming content
- Optimize donor satisfaction 
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  Smarter & Easier Fundraising



SmartShift creates compelling narratives for your cause, helps establish goals, and uploads logos and photos.


Invite participants to download  PowerBooster™ to target thousands of donors using mobile email, text, and social media.


 View and share campaign results , create competition using incentives  and leaderboard.

 Built For You!

We help build Smarter Fundraisers

Building smart campaigns begins with smart technology. We have developed a cutting edge platform using mobile technology to help your team optimize revenue and hit your goals.

Promote it Efficiently

Better Fundraising begins with Smarter Technology to Create Efficiency.

With our PowerBooster™ fundraising  app, your campaign practically promotes itself. Your team can effectively and efficiently launch mobile campaigns via mobile text, email or social media in minutes. 

 Manage it Smarter

View results in real-time, And send thank you messages to donors.

We understand how difficult fundraising can be, so we've made fundraiser management fun and easy. 

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